The Significance of Nodes of Ranvier in Nerve Impulse Transmission

In the spinal cord the small gaps in the myelin sheath between adjacent glial cells are calledneurogliaSchwann cellsnodes of Ranvieroligodendroglia

nodes of Ranvier

The small gaps in the myelin sheath between adjacent glial cells in the spinal cord are called Nodes of Ranvier. These nodes are important for the propagation of nerve impulses along the axons of neurons. They allow for saltatory conduction, which is a faster and more efficient way of transmitting signals along the axons than continuous conduction.

The nodes of Ranvier are found in myelinated axons of both the CNS (central nervous system) and PNS (peripheral nervous system) and they are the points where axons are exposed, without myelin, to the extracellular environment. They are surrounded by specialized cells called Schwann cells in the PNS and oligodendroglia in the CNS. These cells form and maintain the myelin sheath around axons, which increases the speed of impulse conduction.

Therefore, the correct option related to the question is nodes of Ranvier.

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