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Leverage the power of AI to produce well-structured, factual, and properly formatted research papers in no time and learn along the way. From selecting the writing style and tone to suggesting topics and generating automatic citations, Senioritis AI Writer makes writing research papers a breeze.

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How it Works

Watch to learn how Senioritis AI Essay Writer works behind the scenes to help you create flawless research papers with ease.

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface guides you through the entire process, from selecting your writing style and tone to generating automatic citations and references. With Senioritis AI Writer, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of your research, while saving time and streamlining your writing process.

10+ Tools in Every Plan

10+ of the best tools to help tackle homework assignments and quizzes, study effectively, and understand the material you're studying.


Automatic Citations

Auto-generate accurate citations in popular formats like MLA, APA, and Chicago, ensuring your paper meets the highest academic standards.


Experience the convenience of composing essays in multi language with ease, ensure clarity and accuracy in every piece.


Ensure the originality of your work with our advanced plagiarism checker, safeguarding your academic integrity and giving you peace of mind.


Conveniently export your completed paper to Google Docs or Microsoft Word, making it easy to edit, share, and submit your work.


Automatically create papers in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats to meet your academic institution's requirements.


Print your finished paper directly from our platform with just one click, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Senioritis AI Writer employs advanced algorithms to ensure that your research paper is accurate, well-structured, and properly formatted. We strive to deliver high-quality, factual content that meets your academic needs and requirements.

Senioritis AI Writer is a versatile tool that can assist in creating various types of research papers, including analytical, argumentative, and research-based papers across multiple subjects and formats. Our tool allows you to select the writing style and tone that best suits your needs.

Yes, Senioritis AI Writer offers topic suggestions and can help with the research process by providing related information and ideas. However, it’s important to note that Senioritis AI Writer is designed to be a research paper writing tool, not a research tool.

While both Senioritis AI Writer and ChatGPT are AI-powered tools that can help with academic writing, Senioritis AI Writer is specifically designed for academic purposes.

Our AI writer is designed to create well-structured, factual, and properly formatted research papers. Our tool allows users to select the writing style and tone, paper type, and format, while providing automatic citations and references that actually exist! As you probably know, ChatGPT is known for giving false information and creating citations that don’t exist.

Additionally, Senioritis AI Writer offers topic suggestions and research assistance to streamline the writing process. Our tool is a comprehensive solution for academic writing, making it an ideal choice for students looking to create high-quality research papers efficiently and effectively.

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