Collinear Points In Geometry: Definition, Applications, And How To Determine If Points Are Collinear.

Collinear points

A set of points that lie on the same line

Collinear points refer to a set of three or more points that lie on a single straight line. In other words, it is possible to draw a straight line that passes through all of the points. Collinear points are a fundamental concept in geometry, and understanding them is important in various applications such as architecture, engineering, and physics.

To determine whether a set of points is collinear, we can use the slope formula or the equation of a line. If all the points have the same slope or they satisfy the equation of a line, then they are collinear.

For example, suppose we have three points A(2, 4), B(4, 8), and C(6, 12). We can use the slope formula to check if they are collinear. The slope between points A and B is (8-4)/(4-2) = 2. The slope between points B and C is (12-8)/(6-4) = 2. Since the slope is the same for both pairs of points, we know that the three points are collinear.

In conclusion, collinear points are points that lie on a single straight line. We can determine if a set of points is collinear by using the slope formula or the equation of a line.

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