Coplanar Geometric Figures And Their Importance In Geometry, Engineering And Physics


Points, lines, or segments that lie on the same plane

Coplanar refers to geometric figures or objects that lie within the same plane. A plane is a two-dimensional surface that extends indefinitely in all directions. If two or more points, lines, or shapes are coplanar, it means they all reside within the same plane. In other words, they can all be situated on the same flat surface without any of them sticking out or being recessed.

For example, if you draw two lines on a sheet of paper, they will be coplanar as they both exist within the same plane. Similarly, if you draw a triangle, a square, and a circle in the same plane, they will all be coplanar as they exist on the same flat surface. However, if you were to suspend one of these shapes in the air, it would no longer be coplanar with the other shapes.

This concept is important in geometry, as it can help to solve problems involving points, lines, and shapes that are situated in the same plane. It is also useful in engineering and physics, where it is important to understand the position and orientation of objects in space.

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