Ensuring Social Stability and Conflict Resolution: The Crucial Roles of the Normative Function in Society.

what two irreducible functions does the NF perform to contribute to society’s stability/effectiveness

primary soc of children, stabilisation of adult personalities

There are several functions that the Normative Function (NF) performs to contribute to society’s stability and effectiveness. However, two of the most crucial functions can be identified as follows:

1. Social Control: One of the fundamental roles that the NF performs is to maintain social control in society. This involves regulating the behavior of individuals and groups to ensure that they comply with the laws, norms, and values of their society. Through socialization processes, the NF inculcates these values in individuals from a young age, which helps to create a sense of social responsibility and compliance. In this way, the NF contributes to the stability of society by preventing deviant behavior and ensuring that individuals conform to the rules of their society.

2. Conflict Resolution: The NF also performs the critical function of resolving conflicts that arise in society. Conflict is inevitable in any society, and it can arise due to competing interests, differences in opinion, or misunderstandings. In such cases, the NF acts as a neutral third party, facilitating communication and mediating between conflicting parties. Through this process, the NF helps to de-escalate tensions, promote understanding, and find mutually agreeable solutions to problems. This function contributes to the effectiveness of society by reducing the likelihood of violence or hostility and promoting peaceful co-existence.

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