Importance of Assigning a 1-1 Staff Member to Suicidal Patients in the Hospital

What is your priority as a nurse if you have a patient admitted for failed suicide and active suicidal ideation?A. Ask about their allergies B. obtain a list of current medications C. assign 1-1 staff member D. obtain a set of vital signs


C. Assign 1-1 staff member.

The priority as a nurse when dealing with a patient admitted for failed suicide and active suicidal ideation is to assign a 1-1 staff member to the patient. This means that a staff member is assigned to be with the patient at all times to ensure that they do not attempt suicide again while they are in the hospital. This is crucial as it helps to keep the patient safe and prevent further harm to themselves.

While obtaining a list of current medications, checking for allergies, and obtaining vital signs are all important nursing responsibilities, these tasks do not take priority over assigning a 1-1 staff member to a patient with suicidal ideation. These other tasks can be done after the patient has been stabilized and the immediate risk of suicide has been addressed.

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