The Role of the Alamo in the Texas Revolution and the Adoption of the 1836 Constitution

What event made delegates rush to adopt the 1836 constitution?-Mexico gaining independence from Spain-fighting during the Battle of the Alamo-the political unrest of the Civil War-Texas being granted statehood into the United States

fighting during the Battle of the AlamoWhen the delegates met at the convention, the fighting at the Alamo caused conventioneers to hurriedly draft a new constitution that borrowed from other constitutions, like the U.S. Constitution and the Tennessee State Constitution.

The event that made delegates rush to adopt the 1836 constitution was the fighting during the Battle of the Alamo. The battle was a pivotal moment in the Texas Revolution, as a small group of Texan defenders fought to hold off the Mexican army led by General Santa Anna. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the Texans held out for 13 days before ultimately being overrun and slaughtered. The loss of the Alamo and the heroic sacrifice of its defenders galvanized the Texan cause and spurred many previously undecided delegates to support independence and the adoption of the new constitution. The 1836 constitution was signed shortly after the battle and established the Republic of Texas as an independent nation.

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