Ideology of Colonialism: European Efforts to Implant European Culture and Education Systems in African Societies.

What is the European policy that reflected the belief that Africans should be absorbed in European culture?


The European policy that reflected the belief that Africans should be absorbed in European culture was the ideology of colonialism. This ideology stresses the idea that Europeans had a responsibility to bring their civilization and culture to the underdeveloped regions of the world, such as Africa. Europeans believed that their culture was superior to all others, and they worked to impose it on the peoples in their colonies.

As part of this policy, Europeans began to establish schools and introduce formal education in African societies. The aim was to teach Africans to read, write and speak European languages, and at the same time, to assimilate them into European culture. The educational system was designed to produce African elites who were loyal to the colonial powers and who could help to administer the colonies.

In addition, religion also played a significant role in this policy. Christian missionaries were sent to African societies to help with the conversion of Africans to Christianity, and also to Europeanize them by teaching them European customs, values, and beliefs.

Overall, this European policy was an attempt to reshape African societies in the image of European culture, to ensure that Africa was fully integrated into the European colonial system, and ultimately to create a European identity for Africans.

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