The Importance of Acknowledging and Rewarding Employee Contributions in the Workplace

What do you hope your boss asks of you after you volunteer to assist on special projects and complete it successfully?Financial StatementsLeadFollowVolunteer againPayment


As a professional, when I volunteer to assist on special projects and complete it successfully, I hope my boss recognizes my dedication and hard work. Ideally, I would like my boss to acknowledge my help and express gratitude for my contributions to the project’s success.

Additionally, I would appreciate if my boss could provide feedback on my performance, identify areas where I excelled, and provide constructive criticism on areas where I could improve. Learning from my mistakes will ultimately help me to improve and grow in my role.

Furthermore, I would like to be given more responsibilities and challenging tasks to work on in the future. Being given more responsibilities is an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my skills and abilities, helping me to advance my career. I hope my boss recognizes my potential and considers me for further projects that align with my interests and skills.

Lastly, and most importantly, I hope my boss considers compensating me for the additional work that I have done. While it may not be necessary, it is always appreciated and helps motivate me to continue giving my best effort.

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