Process Costing: The Ideal Method for Cost Accounting in Instant Noodle Manufacturing Firms

Process costing would most likely be used to account for costs in a: a. Car repair service. b. Public accounting firm. c. Plastic surgery clinic. D.Instant noodle manufacturing firm

d.manufacturing firm

D. Instant noodle manufacturing firm.

Process costing is a method of cost accounting that is used to track and account for the costs that are associated with producing large quantities of identical or similar products, which are produced through a continuous manufacturing process.

Instant noodle manufacturing firms fall under this category since they produce identical or similar products on a continuous basis. The production process of instant noodles involves several stages, such as mixing the ingredients, cutting, shaping, frying, and packaging, all of which are executed through a continuous flow of production.

Therefore, process costing is the most suitable method to account for the costs related to instant noodle production. The method allows manufacturers to assign the costs incurred at each stage of the manufacturing process to the units produced or work in progress, which provides a more accurate cost allocation for each unit.

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