Understanding Racial Identity Development: Importance, Stages, and Cultural Competence

Racial identity

While race is a social construct based on physical appearance, racial identity refers to the way a person is perceived—both by themself and by others—based on their race. In the context of the article, author Emily Chiariello asserts that white people are privileged due to their skin color and its accompanying racial identity.

Racial identity refers to the way individuals view themselves in terms of their race or ethnic group. It is a complex construct that involves one’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to their race. The concept of racial identity is important because it can shape an individual’s self-concept, influence their interactions with others, and affect their overall well-being.

Racial identity formation can occur in a variety of ways, such as through personal experiences, cultural traditions, and socialization. The stages of racial identity development have been explored in various theories, including the Cross’s Model of Negro Identity Development, the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model, and the White Racial Identity Development Model. These models describe different stages of racial identity development, from ignorance and denial to acceptance and integration.

It is essential to recognize and value diversity in racial identities and to promote cultural competence. Individuals who understand and appreciate different racial identities are better equipped to interact with people from different backgrounds. It is also crucial to acknowledge that racism and discrimination can have a negative impact on individuals’ racial identity development and overall well-being. Therefore, creating a safe and inclusive environment that promotes diversity and understanding can help individuals develop a positive racial identity and lead to better outcomes.

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