Mastering Pricing Strategies, Coupon Offers, and Contests for Effective Marketing

price, coupons, contests

Additional common sales promotion activities:- temporary __________ reductions- _____________- _____________


Price can be defined as the amount of money that a customer is required to pay to acquire a particular product or service from a business. Pricing is one of the key elements of marketing as it sets the face value of any business’s products or services.

There are different pricing strategies that a business can adopt depending on the market or target customers. Some of these strategies include:

1. Cost-plus pricing: This involves adding an additional markup to the cost price of a product or service to arrive at the selling price.

2. Value-based pricing: This focuses on the perceived value of a product or service to the customer. A business charges a premium price for their product or service based on the value the customer places on it.

3. Competitive pricing: This involves setting the price of a product or service equal to or slightly lower than the competitor’s price.


Coupons are discounts offered by businesses to customers to encourage purchase of a product or service. Coupons can be offered for a specific product or service, or they can be used more generally to provide a discount on purchases made by the customer.

Businesses use coupons as part of their promotional or marketing strategy to encourage customer loyalty, increase sales, or move excess inventory.


Contests are promotional activities designed to encourage participation and engagement from customers. Contests can be used by businesses to raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and incentivize customers to make purchases.

Businesses can organize different types of contests. Some of these include social media contests, photo contests, video contests, and product giveaways. With a well-organized contest, businesses can create a buzz, generate increased interest and attract new customers.

Overall, price, coupons, and contests are all effective tools in a business’s promotional or marketing strategy. By implementing these strategies thoughtfully, businesses can increase customer engagement, sales, and overall brand recognition.

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