Unlocking the Functions of Jaws: From Mastication to Speech

Function of jaws (2)

1) give ability to hunt and grab prey2) grasping, carrying, digging

The jaws are the bony structures that are located in the skull and are used for various functions. Some of the functions of the jaws are:

1. Mastication or Chewing: The primary function of jaws is to facilitate mastication or chewing of food. The mandible, which is the lower jaw, moves up and down, while the maxilla, which is the upper jaw, provides a stable base for the movement of the mandible. Together, they work to grind and break down food, making it easier to swallow.

2. Speech: The jaws also play an important role in speech. They provide support for the tongue and lips, which are essential for articulating different sounds. When speaking, the mandible and maxilla work together to help shape the sounds that form words. Additionally, the teeth help to produce certain sounds, such as “th” and “v.”

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