Signs of Development in 38-Month-Olds: Milestones in In-Hand Manipulation, Motor Skills, Cutting, and Social Skills

Devon is 38 months – what should he be able to do?-in-hand manipulation – repositions object from proximal to distal —orientation with thumb / fingers emerging-runs with good coordination, arm swing-Cuts a 6 in. paper on line -Associative play

in-hand manipulation – repostitions object from proximal to distal orientation with thumb / fingers emerging: 37-42 months

At 38 months, Devon should be able to perform the following tasks with some or complete proficiency:

1. In-hand manipulation: Devon should be able to reposition objects from proximal to distal and demonstrate orientation with his thumb and fingers emerging.

2. Motor skills: Devon should run with good coordination and arm swing, indicating considerable physical development and strength.

3. Cutting skills: Devon should be able to use a pair of safety scissors to cut a 6-inch paper straight on the line.

4. Social skills: Devon should be able to participate in associative play, playing and interacting with other children, taking turns, and sharing toys and activities.

It is important to note that each child develops at their own pace, and some children may be slower or faster in reaching these milestones. However, if you notice that Devon is significantly delayed in any of these areas or is struggling to perform basic tasks, it is important to bring it up with his pediatrician or seek an evaluation from a therapist to determine if intervention or treatment is necessary.

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