Discover the Common Names of Aldehydes According to IUPAC Nomenclature

Common Names of Aldehydes

– An aldehyde has a terminal functional group due to the one hydrogen- Ketone has two alkyl groups so it’s never a terminal group.

Here are some common names of aldehydes:

1. Formaldehyde (also known as methanal)
2. Acetaldehyde (also known as ethanal)
3. Benzaldehyde
4. Propionaldehyde (also known as propanal)
5. Butyraldehyde (also known as butanal)
6. Valeraldehyde (also known as pentanal)
7. Hexanal
8. Heptanal
9. Octanal
10. Nonanal
11. Decanal.

Note that in IUPAC nomenclature, aldehydes are named by replacing the “-e” ending of the parent alkane with the suffix “-al”.

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