Complement System: A Key Player in Immune Defense Against Pathogens

The complement system components react

In a cascade

The complement system is a group of proteins that are an essential part of the immune system. These proteins work together to help identify and eliminate potential threats to the body, such as bacteria and viruses.

When an invader is detected, the complement system is activated. The first step is the recognition of the invader, which can happen through different pathways. There are three pathways of activation: the classical pathway, the lectin pathway, and the alternative pathway. Each pathway is triggered by specific stimuli such as antigen-antibody complexes, carbohydrate molecules on the surface of bacteria, or other molecules that are recognized as foreign.

Once activated, the complement system components react by joining together to form a sequence of reactions that ultimately lead to direct lysis of the target cell or the activation of other aspects of the immune system such as phagocytosis by white blood cells or the recruitment of inflammatory cells to the site of infection.

The complement cascade is a complex series of chemical reactions in which proteins are cleaved into smaller fragments, with each step activating the next. These fragments, known as complement components, work together to enhance inflammation, attract immune cells to the site of infection, and activate immune cells such as macrophages and neutrophils to phagocytose and destroy the invading pathogens.

In summary, when activated, the complement system components react by initiating a series of reactions that lead to the elimination of the invading pathogen or the activation of other aspects of the immune system.

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