Understanding the TCP Three-Way Handshake: The Role of SYN and ACK Flags in Establishing Connectivity

Which two flags in the TCP header are used in a TCP three-way handshake to establish connectivity between two network devices?

The two flags in the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) header that are used in the TCP three-way handshake to establish connectivity between two network devices are:

1. SYN (Synchronize): This flag is set in the TCP packet by the initiating client device to indicate the desire to establish a connection with the receiving server device. It is used to synchronize the sequence numbers of both devices.

2. ACK (Acknowledgment): This flag is used in combination with the SYN flag during the three-way handshake. Once the receiving server device acknowledges the SYN packet from the client by setting the ACK flag, it confirms the receipt of the SYN packet and also indicates that it is ready to establish a connection.

The three-way handshake proceeds as follows:

1. The client sends a TCP packet with the SYN flag set to the server, indicating its desire to establish a connection.

2. The server receives the SYN packet, sets the ACK flag in its response, and also sends a SYN packet back to the client. This SYN-ACK packet acknowledges the receipt of the client’s SYN and indicates that the server is ready to establish the connection.

3. Finally, the client receives the SYN-ACK packet, acknowledges it by setting the ACK flag in its response, and the connection is established between the client and the server.

This three-way handshake mechanism ensures reliable and ordered delivery of data packets between the devices while establishing a connection.

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