Understanding the Role of Segments as the PDU at the Transport Layer in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Which name is assigned to the transport layer PDU? A)Bits. B)Data. C)Frame. D)Packet. E)Segment.

The name assigned to the transport layer PDU (Protocol Data Unit) is E) Segment

The name assigned to the transport layer PDU (Protocol Data Unit) is E) Segment. In the TCP/IP protocol suite, which is widely used for networking, the transport layer is responsible for ensuring reliable and ordered delivery of data between host systems.

This layer breaks down the data received from the application layer into smaller chunks called segments.

These segments include a transport layer header and the data from the application layer.

The transport layer then adds additional information to each segment, such as sequence numbers and checksums, to facilitate reliable delivery.

Once the data reaches the receiving system, the transport layer on that system reassembles the segments back into the original data and passes it to the appropriate application layer. Hence, segments are the PDU used at the transport layer.

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