Understanding Access Control Lists (ACLs) in IPv6: The Power of Prefix-Lists for Traffic Control and Routing

What is the only type of ACL available for IPv6?

The only type of Access Control List (ACL) available for IPv6 is the prefix-list.

In IPv6, prefix-lists are used to control access to network prefixes rather than individual hosts or IP addresses as done in IPv4. A prefix is defined by a network address and a prefix length, which specifies the number of bits in the network part of the address.

Prefix-lists are used for traffic filtering and routing in IPv6 networks.

They allow network administrators to control the flow of traffic based on specific network prefixes. Prefix-lists can be used to permit or deny traffic based on the source or destination IPv6 network prefix and provide more granular control over network traffic compared to traditional IPv4 ACLs.

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