Cisco IOS CLI: Enhancing Usability and Efficiency with Context-Sensitive Help

Which two functions are provided to users by the context-sensitive help feature of the Cisco IOS CLI?

The context-sensitive help feature of the Cisco IOS CLI provides two main functions to users:

1. Command completion: This function allows users to easily complete partially entered commands by pressing the “Tab” key. When a user starts typing a command or parameter, the CLI will display a list of possible completions based on what has been entered so far. By pressing “Tab” again, the CLI will automatically complete the command or parameter with the most likely match, saving the user from having to type the entire command.

2. Command syntax and description: This function provides users with detailed information about the syntax and usage of commands. By entering a question mark “?” after a command or parameter, the CLI will display a list of available options or provide an explanation of the command’s functionality. This allows users to explore and discover available commands and options, as well as understand how to use them correctly.

These two functions of the context-sensitive help feature greatly enhance the usability and efficiency of the Cisco IOS CLI by providing real-time assistance and guidance to users while they interact with the command-line interface.

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