Pangea’s Splitting: A Major Catalyst for Biological Diversity on Earth

diversity, splitting apart of the supercontinent Pangea

The ____________ of marsupials but few mammals in Australia can be explained by the ____________

Diversity refers to the presence of differences within a group or system. When it comes to biological diversity, it refers to the variety of life forms on earth, including differences between species, genetics, and ecosystems.

The splitting apart of the supercontinent Pangea was a significant event in the earth’s history that occurred around 200 million years ago. Pangea was a massive landmass that contained all of the earth’s continents in one interconnected landmass. However, over time, Pangea began to split apart, leading to the formation of separate continents.

This event had a significant impact on the diversity of life on earth. As the separate continents formed, the plants and animals that had once shared a habitat and evolved together were now isolated from each other. This separation led to the development of unique species in different parts of the world, ultimately leading to increased biological diversity.

For example, the separation of South America from Africa created a new barrier between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, leading to the development of new marine species in each of these oceans. Additionally, the formation of the Himalayas, the Alps, and other mountain ranges created new physical barriers that further contributed to the formation of diverse ecosystems and the evolution of unique species.

In summary, the splitting apart of Pangea had a significant impact on the diversity of life on earth, ultimately leading to the evolution of unique species in different regions and the formation of distinct ecosystems.

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