Explaining Haplotypes: Genetic Linkages and Inheritance Patterns.

Positions 4376, 5674, 6745, and 6799 along a gene are polymorphic. Alleles at these sites are usually inherited together as a block, instead of being independent. This block is an example of a(n) a. SNP. b. haplotype. c. LINE. d. SINE.I e. pseudogene.


The correct answer is b. haplotype.

A haplotype is a group of alleles that are more often inherited together than expected by chance. This is usually due to genetic linkage, where alleles are located close together on a chromosome and are therefore more likely to be inherited together.

In the case of the gene mentioned in the question, the alleles at positions 4376, 5674, 6745, and 6799 are usually inherited together as a block, indicating that they are part of a haplotype. This phenomenon is commonly observed in human genetics and can be useful for identifying associations between genetic variations and diseases.

SNPs (a) are single nucleotide polymorphisms, which are variations in a single DNA building block. While SNPs can be part of a haplotype, the term “haplotype” refers specifically to a group of alleles inherited together.

LINE (c) and SINE (d) are types of transposable elements, which are segments of DNA that can move within a genome. These are not relevant to the question at hand.

Pseudogenes (e) are DNA sequences that are similar to functional genes but do not actually produce a functional product. They are not relevant to the question at hand.

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