Extracellular & Membrane-bound Transport Proteins

Is there a term that distinguishes extracellular “transport” proteins from membrane-bound “transport” proteins?

Yes, there is a term that distinguishes extracellular “transport” proteins from membrane-bound “transport” proteins. These two types of proteins are classified as different functional classes of transporters.

Extracellular “transport” proteins, also known as secretory proteins or excretory proteins, are involved in the transport of molecules from the inside of a cell to the extracellular environment. They are synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum and then transferred to the Golgi apparatus, where they are modified and packaged into vesicles. These vesicles are then transported to the cell membrane and release their contents outside the cell. Examples of extracellular transport proteins include digestive enzymes, hormones, and antibodies

On the other hand, membrane-bound “transport” proteins are integral membrane proteins that facilitate the movement of molecules or ions across cell membranes. These proteins are embedded within the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane and can transport substances both into and out of the cell. Membrane transport proteins can be further categorized based on the direction and mechanism of transport. For example, channels and pores allow the passage of molecules through a pore or channel, while carriers bind to specific molecules or ions and undergo a conformational change to move them across the membrane

Overall, the term “extracellular transport proteins” refers to proteins involved in transporting molecules from the inside of the cell to the extracellular space, whereas “membrane-bound transport proteins” refers to proteins embedded in the cell membrane that facilitate the transport of molecules across the membrane

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