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1/2, 0.5, or 50%

The number 1/2, 0

The number 1/2, 0.5, and 50% all represent the same value mathematically. They all represent the concept of one-half.

1/2 is a fraction. It means that you have one part out of two equal parts. When you divide a whole into two equal parts, each part represents 1/2.

0.5 is a decimal representation of the same value. The decimal system is another way of expressing numbers, and 0.5 means half of a whole. It is equivalent to 1/2.

50% is a percentage. Percentage is a way of expressing a part of a whole in terms of hundredths. The symbol “%” represents a percentage, and it means “out of 100”. So 50% means 50 parts out of 100. In terms of fractions, 50% is equal to 1/2.

So, whether you write it as 1/2, 0.5, or 50%, all three expressions represent the concept of one-half.

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