Exploring Collinear Points In Geometry: Definition, Formula, And Practical Applications


Points that lie on the same line

Collinear is a mathematical term that refers to points that lie on the same straight line. In other words, if three or more points on a plane lie on the same straight line, then they are said to be collinear.

For instance, if point A, point B, and point C lie on the same straight line, we can say that A, B, and C are collinear. To determine if points are collinear, we can use the formula for determining the slope of a line. If the slope between any two pairs of points is the same, then the points are collinear.

Collinear points have several practical applications in geometry, as they can be used in the construction of triangles, parallel and perpendicular lines, and other geometric shapes. For instance, if we know that three points (such as the vertices of a triangle) are collinear, we can use this information to simplify calculations or define the properties of the shape.

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