Calculating Slope Of A Line Using The Slope Formula In Math

slope formula

(y₂- y₁) / (x₂- x₁)

The slope formula is a mathematical formula used to find the slope or gradient of a line between any two points in a coordinate plane.

The formula is:

slope = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1)

– (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are the coordinates of any two distinct points on the line.
– y2 and y1 are the y-coordinates of the two points.
– x2 and x1 are the x-coordinates of the two points.

To use the formula, we first need to identify the two points that we want to find the slope between. Then we simply plug in the coordinates to the formula and simplify, and the result will be the slope of the line passing through the two given points.

For example, if we have two points (3,4) and (7,10), the slope of the line that passes through them can be found using the formula:

slope = (10 – 4) / (7 – 3)
slope = 6 / 4
slope = 3/2

Therefore, the slope of the line that passes through the points (3,4) and (7,10) is 3/2.

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