Concavity In Math: Positive Second Derivative And Curved Functions

If f(x) is concave up, then f”(x) is?

f”(x) = positive

If f(x) is concave up, then f”(x) is positive.

Concave up or convexity is a property of the graph of a function. A function is said to be concave up if the function is curving upwards, while it’s said to be concave down if the function is curving downwards.

The second derivative of a function, denoted as f”(x), gives information about the curvature of the function. If f”(x) is positive, then the function is concave up, while if f”(x) is negative, then the function is concave down. Moreover, if f”(x) = 0, the function may have an inflection point.

Therefore, if f(x) is concave up, it means that the curvature of the function is positive, and so the second derivative f”(x) is positive.

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