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In mathematics, the term “opposite” typically refers to a concept of negation, inversion, or reversal. It can have different meanings in different contexts:

  1. Additive Inverse: For real numbers, the opposite (also called the additive inverse) of a number ‘a’ is the number ‘-a’ that, when added to ‘a’, gives the additive identity ‘0’. In other words, ‘a’ and ‘-a’ are symmetric about the origin on the number line.
  2. Multiplicative Inverse: For nonzero real numbers, the opposite (or multiplicative inverse) of a number ‘a’ is the number ‘1/a’ that, when multiplied by ‘a’, gives the multiplicative identity ‘1’. In this context, the opposite is also referred to as the reciprocal.
  3. Directional Opposite: In geometry, especially in coordinate geometry, the opposite direction of a vector or a point is determined by reversing its signs. For example, the opposite direction of the vector (a, b) is the vector (-a, -b).
  4. Reflectional Symmetry: In geometry, the opposite side of a line is the side that is symmetrically opposite to a given point with respect to that line. For example, in a triangle, the side opposite to a vertex is the side that does not contain that vertex.
  5. Inversion in Group Theory: In the context of group theory, the opposite (inverse) of an element ‘a’ in a group is the element ‘b’ such that their composition yields the identity element. Symbolically, ‘a’ * ‘b’ = ‘b’ * ‘a’ = identity.
  6. Opposite Function: In mathematical functions, the opposite function of a given function is a function that reverses the original function’s action. For example, the opposite of the square function is the square root function.


The exact meaning of “opposite” depends on the context in which it is used.

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