Mastering Numerical Expressions: Learn How To Evaluate Mathematical Statements With Ease

Numerical expression

A mathematical phrase involving numbers and operation symbols, but no variables.

A numerical expression is a mathematical statement that consists of numbers, operations, and sometimes variables. It can be evaluated to produce a single numeric value. Examples of numerical expressions include:

1. 5 + 6 – 2 x 3 – 8 = – 3
2. (4^2 – 3) / 5 + (12 – 10)^2 = 5.8
3. 2(x – 3) + 5 = 13 (if x = 10)

In each of these examples, there are no variables that are left unsolved and the expression is reduced to a numerical value. However, expressions that have variables that are undefined or unfinished, like 2y + 3 without knowing what y equals, are not numerical expressions.

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