God, Gold, and Glory: The 3 Main Motivators Behind European Exploration During the Age of Exploration.

God, Gold & Glory

3 motives for Spanish Exploration

God, Gold, and Glory are the three main motivators that drove European nations to explore and conquer foreign lands during the Age of Exploration (15th-17th centuries).

1. God: Christianity was a powerful force during the Age of Exploration as European rulers and religious leaders saw it as their duty to spread Christianity throughout the world. They believed that non-Christian peoples were inferior and could be “saved” through conversion to Christianity. The Catholic Church played an important role in this, and the Spanish and Portuguese explorers were also known for spreading Christianity during their explorations.

2. Gold: The search for gold was a significant motivator for exploration as European nations saw it as a means to increase their wealth and power. European nations wanted to find new trade routes that could provide them with access to valuable resources and goods from faraway lands. They also saw the potential to acquire new territories and resources that could be exploited for their economic gain.

3. Glory: European nations saw exploration as an opportunity to expand their empires and gain prestige and honor. By discovering new lands and territories, they could demonstrate their power and influence to the rest of the world. Explorers and conquerors were often celebrated as national heroes and their expeditions were seen as a demonstration of the superiority of their cultures and civilizations.

In conclusion, God, Gold, and Glory were the driving factors behind European exploration and conquest during the Age of Exploration. The search for new lands and resources that could be exploited for economic gain, and the desire to spread Christianity to new peoples and establish a legacy of greatness for their nations led European rulers and explorers to undertake dangerous and ambitious expeditions across vast oceans in search of fortune, adventure, and conquest.

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