Instrumental Value: Understanding the Importance of Means to Achieve Desired Outcomes

valuable as a means to something else,

what is instrumentally valuable and extrinsically?

When we say that something is valuable as a means to something else, we mean that it has value because it serves as a tool or a means to achieve some other desired outcome that is more important or valuable. For example, money is valuable as a means to buy food, clothing, shelter, or other things we need to survive and thrive. Education is valuable as a means to get a good job, earn a higher salary, or pursue a career that aligns with our interests and passions. Health is valuable as a means to enjoy a better quality of life, participate in activities we enjoy, and avoid suffering and pain.

The concept of something being valuable as a means to something else is often referred to as instrumental value. It is based on the idea that some things have value because they help us achieve other things that we value more, rather than being intrinsically valuable in themselves. It is important to recognize that what we believe to be valuable as a means to something else can change over time, and can also vary between individuals and cultures. Understanding the instrumental value of things can help us set priorities and make decisions that align with our goals and values.

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