Discover the Iconic CEU Building – A Postmodern Landmark in Budapest’s Heart

CEU Building

Tomas Mapua

The CEU Building is a building located in Budapest, Hungary, that serves as the main campus of Central European University (CEU). It was designed by architect Michael Graves and completed in 1996. The building features a distinctive postmodern design and incorporates elements of classical architecture, such as columns and arches, along with contemporary materials such as glass and steel.

The building has seven floors and is set around a central atrium with a glass roof, which provides natural light to the interior spaces. It contains classrooms, lecture halls, offices, a library, a cafeteria, and other facilities for students and faculty.

The CEU Building is located in the heart of Budapest, close to several major cultural and historical landmarks, and is easily accessible by public transportation. It has become an iconic symbol of the university and a popular tourist destination in its own right.

Overall, the CEU Building is a modern and functional facility that provides an excellent learning environment for students at Central European University. Its unique design and central location make it a notable landmark of the city of Budapest.

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