Discover Manila City Hall: The Iconic Spanish Baroque Revival Landmark in the Heart of Manila

Manila City Hall

Antonio Toledo

Manila City Hall is the seat of government of the City of Manila in the Philippines. It serves as the official headquarters of the Mayor of Manila, the Vice Mayor, and the City Council. The building is located in the historic center of Manila along Padre Burgos Avenue and Taft Avenue, just across from the Manila Central Post Office.

The Manila City Hall complex is composed of several buildings, including the Main Building, Annex Building, and the Post Office Building. It was designed by Filipino architect Antonio Toledo in the Spanish Baroque Revival style and was completed in 1939.

The Main Building is the most iconic structure and is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, including a statue of Manuel Quezon, the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth. It houses the offices of the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and the Councilors.

The Annex Building, on the other hand, houses various offices, including the offices of the Treasurer, the Assessor, the City Planning and Development Office, and the Engineering Department. It also has a session hall where various meetings and events are held.

Lastly, the Post Office Building serves as the headquarters of the Philippine Postal Corporation and provides postal and courier services to the residents of Manila.

Overall, the Manila City Hall is not only a symbol of the city’s seat of power but also an important historical landmark that should be visited by both locals and tourists.

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